About Me.

Hi, I’m Bruno: nice to meet you! :)

My porftolio needs an update, and should be ready soon: sorry about that!

I’m an Italian Generalist currently living in Hong Kong, with an incurable love for all-things-dev, juggler of technologies and roles, fast learner and hopelessly curious, obsessed with fixing workflows.

I have extensive knowledge of SW Engineering, Team Leadership, Graphic Design, UI\UX, Photography, Marketing and Music. I’ve been lucky enough to work at many projects, some of them from start to finish, with different teams and in wildly different fields.

I started my career in the last millenium (😧 sigh!), jumping from HTML and ASP, to embedded C, to Java, to PHP.

I picked up AWS back in 2009, co-founded a company and deployed a production enviroment using entirely Cloud Computing technology, taking care of every technical aspect: from the backend APIs, to the Design System, to DevOps workflows. Even marketing material!

More recently I pioneered Serverless Architectures and explored Functional Programming.

My skillset includes: Team Leadership, Technical Evangelism, SW Architectures, PHP, JS, AWS, Objective-C and C, UI & UX principles, Graphic Design, Basics of DevOps, TDD and BDD, Java, Python, Haskell, 3D Graphics.

Challenges fuel me, quality is my number one priority and my biggest ally.

If you’d like my help, let me know: I’m sure we can do great things together.