my wedding

a branding case study


As I was saying, somebody told me "Curiosity killed the cat". So I married a Veterinary Surgeon (just in case).

Precisely, it was 2009 and, on top of everything else, I decided that I wanted to take care of the graphic side of the wedding (in my defence, the selection was a bit too "antique" for my taste).

First thing first, we needed a logo (who doesn't?).
Here we go, pretty self-explanatory:


The real fun was designing the invitations: for the formal ones, I opted for a square design, got them printed and personally hand wrapped them… my soon-to-be wife wasn't too impressed about the work to do (yes, of course she helped! Ehm… actually, she almost did it all by herself…) but, in the end, she was very happy about the design (fortunately!).

wedding invitation detail

details from the cover

wedding invitation detail

the back side is actually Sonnet 116 by W.Shakespeare

wedding invitation result

final result: pretty happy about it!

Since you can't invite 250 people (well, not within our budget, at least), we invited 100 of them to a night party, after the traditional big four-hours Italian meal: for them, something more modern, big typography and grunge nightclub-style:

wedding invitation

the back side was a map to our venue!


As a web developer, I HAD to design a wed-site. Kinda mandatory, isn't it? (besides, I exploited the opportunity to explore CodeIgniter, which turned out to be a fantastic little framework)

website page example

the homepage

website page example

one of the pages

I did a bunch of other little things (like DVD covers, photo albums, thank you cards…) but I don't want to bore you…

wedding material

Oh man, I was chubby.

Anyway: in the end everything went smoothly: great weather, beautiful bride, lovely day.

Oh, and I'm STILL married! :D

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