condiviDoc verbali

technical overview


condiviDoc verbali is a survey\report generator for iOS, specifically designed for Health & Safety surveys in building sites.
It lets the user, a professional inspector (namely CSE, Executive Chief of Health & Safety), take pictures and enter a description (or consult and use a list of issues, regulated by law).
After the survey, the CSE and third parties involved can enter their signatures through the touchscreen, and a PDF is generated with a cover (with the data of the building site and the survey), a number of pages with the description of the issues encountered and optional pictures, and a final page with the signatures.

generated pdf

a few pages from a generated pdf… isn't that beautiful? <3

User Interface

As an iOS native application, it uses mostly standard UI controls, to be consistent with the iOS look & feel.

user interface example user interface example user interface example

Some custom views are necessary, though, when standard UI isn't enough for our needs.

custom user interface example

who needs paper, when you can draw on a screen?


The app is completely indipendent, but, as a courtesy to our condiviDoc users, it can download building sites data and upload the generated PDFs on condiviDoc autonomously: to do so, it creates an https session with suitable condiviDoc APIs.

contact me

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